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Customized Robot Dispensing

Manufacturing operations across a wide range of industries rely on dispensing technology for adhesive and bonding applications. While manual dispensing is adequate in certain cases, robot dispensing offers greater accuracy and therefore a final product with higher quality. Customized robot dispensing technology can prove critical to high-quality fluid dispensing applications.

Leads to higher productivity and better overall product quality

Many manufacturing operations rely on the manual dispensing of adhesives or other fluids. This dispensing method is adequate for some applications, however, it has a number of drawbacks. In manual dispensing, the dispensing quality is only as high as the quality of the operator’s work. Dispensing accuracy is therefore often highly varied, even when different products produced by the same operator in a single day are compared. Poor dispensing accuracy can cause a great deal of waste and repeated work and lead to higher manufacturing costs.

Companies looking to improve dispensing quality and ensure operator-independent product quality can benefit from investing in semi-automated robot dispensing technology, such as that offered by Amada Miyachi Europe.

With robot dispensing, product quality is always the same, as long the adhesives used are within specifications. Robot dispensing results in higher productivity, less waste and repeated work, and better overall product quality. Although companies need to invest in it up front, it often has a rapid ROI and eventually reduces manufacturing costs.

Robot dispensing systems are best able to deliver the benefits of improved product quality and reduced costs when they are designed by industry experts with extensive experience. The expert robotic dispensing technology team at Amada Miyachi Europe, a leader in the dispensing market for over 40 years, designs robotic dispensing solutions that meet each customer’s needs. The Amada Miyachi team then tests these solutions and works with samples of customers’ products to provide the most accurate and reliable robotic dispensing technology possible.

The resulting robot dispensing solution delivers high-quality products, low assembly costs, and a clean and LEAN manufacturing environment. The benefits of these robotic dispensing solutions are widely applicable, as the solutions are ideal for adhesives and bonding in the electronics, industrial assembly, display, sensor, aerospace, lighting, medical, and automotive industries.


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