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Laser Welding Systems

Amada Miyachi Europe offers a complete range of turn-key semi-automated systems for laser welding which provide the fastest path from application concept to full production.

Successful laser manufacturing processes depend in large part on the successful integration of laser system.  Designers need to develop systems where the motion, laser, software, and tooling work properly and are integrated into a whole that supports the desired process flow. Putting all the pieces together can be a challenge, compounded by the fact that many integrators do not understand lasers, and might have to rely on the laser manufacturer to integrate the system. Subsequently, if a problem arises, or if changes are needed to adjust to a new product, the integrator is not in a position to modify or repair the laser system.

Amada Miyachi Europe not only manufactures laser welders but also engineers and integrates laser systems and offers designers a one-stop shop for system integration. This includes running samples of the process in-house to ensure it does the entire job as specified, and answering in-depth application questions.


NOVA3 Laser Welding Workstations

Enter the world of laser welding with MIYACHI EAPRO’s new, versatile NOVA3 Laser Welding Systems.
Amada Miyachi Europe NOVA3 Series Laser Welding Workstations are modular, flexible, “lean-manufacturing-ready”, Class 1 safety enclosures for precision laser spot welding and precision laser seam welding of medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace components. They can also be used in a broad range of other industrial applications.

When our customers purchase a NOVA3, they are able to produce their parts at an efficient cost point and maximize the profit per product.

Amada Miyachi Europe offers its expertise to all of its customers for correctly matching any welding application with the right laser welder, fibers, optics, tooling and process parameters. The MIYACHI laser welders can join a wide range of steels and stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminium, and copper.

Typical laser welding applications include the seam sealing of medical devices, High Frequency Aerospace radar components, spot welding of small mechanical parts, battery housings, hermetic seam welding of sensors, batteries, battery packages, etc.


  • Economical with high-performance, ruggedized industrial laser equipment
  • CE-approved, Class I, Eyesafe enclosure
  • Stable and ergonomic platform for continuous production and stress-free operators
  • Customizable to specific production requirements. Fits CW fiber lasers, QCW fiber lasers and pulsed Nd-YAG lasers
  • Possibility of manual, pneumatic and motorized doors. Opening to the top, or to the side.
  • Multi-axis, CNC motion
NOVA6 CNC Laser Welding Workstations

Amada Miyachi Europe designs and manufacturers various CNC laser welding workstations as part of its range of laser welding machines. These provide a safe working environment for laser welding. The most popular workstation is the NOVA6 which is used in applications ranging from the manufacture of medical implants to sensors, pacemaker leads and research.
The larger version, NOVA7 uses an XYZ gantry configuration and includes machine vision to the weld trays of parts. Both systems are very similar and can be adapted to your specific requirements.


  • Modular system which can be customized for specific applications
  • Fully integrated, PC-based controller (IMS-3000), which integrates the laser welder, motion system, data logging and process monitoring
  • Highly accurate, multi-axis motion systems
  • Advanced CNC controller
  • CE-certified, laser-safe enclosure and workstation


Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. Amada Miyachi Europe offers feasibility testing and application consulting.