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Micro TIG Welding

Micro TIG processes focus on welding small parts with an area of 5 mm x 5 mm. These are usually delicate parts in the automotive, medical, or electronics industries. Pulsed-arc welding has many advantages. For example, it is a solder-free process and the resultant weld is highly durable when exposed to vibration and heat. In addition, pulsed micro TIG welding is used widely for joining high melting point metals, dissimilar metals, and even thin magnet wires of φ0.02mm.



Micro TIG Welder Power Supply - MAWA 300A

Amada Miyachi’s high performance MAWA-300A pulsed micro TIG welding power supply is ideal for pulse-arc welding coils and terminals, bus bars, and coated wires. This micro TIG welder supplies between 30 and 300 amps and targets small components in the automotive, medical, battery, and electronics industries.

Unique features of this pulse arc welder unit are touch start and pulsation which offer a higher level of control and result in consistent, reliable welds.

Amada Miyachi’s MAWA-300A micro TIG welder is ideal for welding coils and terminals, bus bars, and coated wires – applications commonly found in the automotive, medical, battery, and electronics industries.


  • Weld dissimilar materials
  • Weld conductive metals
  • "Pulsation" feature significantly reduces porosity
  • "Touch start" feature controls and identifies weld location
  • Digital programming interface for easy control of pulse form
  • Multiple weld schedules


Customized Solutions

Send your sample to one of our technology centers in Europe for an evaluation. We will then determine which solution meets your needs best. Amada Miyachi Europe offers feasibility testing and application consulting.